Ricardo Carrasco

Restaurateur and Chef Ricardo has over 12 years experience in crafting artisanal dishes.  Although he grew up in a vegetarian household, as an adult, he decided to pursue a Law Degree.  After graduation, he opened a small bar with a friend and found his passion for food.  After completing the law degree, he decided to change his career path to attend culinary school.   He started with a small bar in Monterrey, Mexico.  After two years, he opened a fine dining Mexican restaurant that expanded into a second location.  Polanco is his sixth restaurant. His emphasis has been in creating exceptional dining experiences that ignite the five senses, combining a great atmosphere with unique presentation and concept.  Ricardo's goal is to create an environment where people of all backgrounds and eating preferences can coexist.   Chef Ricardo enjoys catering special events and hosting dinners for groups at Polanco and offsite!