—  appetizers  —

A taste of Mexico - most dishes can be prepared vegan - please ask your server


— Pico de Gallo, Trio of Salsas and Bottomless Chips —
chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, serrano peppers, salt, lime with fresh chips.  Peanut salsa, guajillo salsa and avocado salsa $5  

—  Street Corn on the Cob —
grilled smoked corn cob served with chipotle aioli*, parmesan chili flakes and queso fresco $7  

— Pineapple/Coconut Shrimp* Skewers  —
delicious, don't miss this dish $9

—  Guacamole Artisanal —
smashed avocados, chopped onion, cilantro, cracked sea salt, served with fresh chips - serrano peppers optional $9


—  Mexican Zucchini Boats—
baked, tomato and onion salsa, parmesan or vegan cheese $9

—  Deep Fried Cauliflower  —
beer battered cauliflower, served with chipotle aioli* on a bed of Pico de Gallo $9

— Taquitos Dorados —
crispy fried tacos, served on a bed of chopped lettuce, diced tomatoes, onions, crumbled cheese and sour cream $9



—  Sabores de mexico  —

Chef Ricardo's Recommendations

—  Sirloin* Polanco—
Sirloin steak coated in corn husk ashes, mixed with spices and chamomile, baked potato, chambray onions, crema, queso fresco, bacon bites* $19

—  Ribeye* Fajitas—
2" Ribeye served on a hot skillet, with seasonal vegetables, side of rice and beans and tortillas. Half order $19/ Full order $35 (serves 2)

—  Vegan Fajitas—
Portobello Mushroom and seasonal vegetables served on a hot skillet, topped with a vegan empanada, side of rice, beans and tortillas. Half order $15/ Full order $20 (serves 2)

—  Ribs  —
Falling off the bone pork ribs, with a homemade honey of piloncillo, morita peppers, garlic and ginger, flamed with a smoky mezcal (organic tequila), the alcohol content evaporates on the flambe, but the smokiness of the mezcal will impregnate the ribs and caramelize the meat, served with roasted potatoes and cactus salad $19

—  Mole Rojo  —
Chicken leg and thigh bathed in our special house-made mole, made with over 32 ingredients including chili peppers and chocolate, which works to counteract the heat without overpowering.  Side of rice and vegetables $25

—  Chile en Nogada—
Special dish served at special occasions in Mexico, pork slow cooked with apples, pears, peaches, cinnamon, tomato, parsley, stuffed in poblano pepper and bathed in nogada, a walnut, almond, pine nut and goat cheese sauce $19

—  Tostadas de Cochinita Pibil (2)—
Shredded acidic pork slow cooked on crispy tortillas, topped with pickled onions. $15  

—  Chimichurri  Tuna Steak* —
Tuna Steak marinated in citrus and garnished with avocado slices and chimichurri sauce (olive oil and parsley), side of mashed potatoes with alfredo sauce, poblano bell peppers and corn $22

—  Enchiladas Suizas —
Duck carnitas wrapped in tortillas simmered in a green salsa, topped with melted swiss cheese $19

—  Salmon a la Jamiaca* —
Grilled salmon over a bed of white rice with a hibiscus honey reduction, side of mashed potatoes with alfredo sauce, poblano peppers and corn $22

—  Additional Specials  —
Our lunch menu is available all day!  See lunch menu for details!




—  Ensalada de la Tierra  —
Grilled chayote squash and beets on a bed of spring mix, goat cheese and almonds, citrus vinaigrette - $11  add tender chicken breast $4, steak, salmon or pineapple shrimp $5*

—  Ensalada de Aguacate —
Romaine lettuce and spring mix with avocado, fresh tomato, onion and cilantro, green olives, and Mexican shredded cheese $9  add tender chicken breast $4, steak, salmon, or pineapple shrimp $5*

—  Cream de Maiz y Calabaza  —
Cream of corn soup with Mexican zucchini.  Special for cold weather.  Ask your server for daily specials, vegetables may vary $7

—  Sopa de Tortilla Azteca  —
Chicken broth seasoned with tomato and chile pasilla, topped with avocado, panela, fried chips and sour cream $7 add shredded chicken $4