Ricardo Carrasco

Restaurateur and Chef Ricardo has over 12 years experience in crafting artisanal dishes.  Although he grew up in a vegetarian household, as an adult, he decided to pursue a Law Degree.  After graduation, he opened a small bar with a friend and found his passion for food.  After completing the law degree, he decided to change his career path to attend culinary school.   He started with a small bar in Monterrey, Mexico.  After two years, he opened a fine dining Mexican restaurant that expanded into a second location.  Polanco is his sixth restaurant. His emphasis has been in creating exceptional dining experiences that ignite the five senses, combining a great atmosphere with unique presentation and concept.  Ricardo's goal is to create an environment where people of all backgrounds and eating preferences can coexist. 


Luke Gronski

Growing up in Poland, Luke helped his parents with their garden and some smaller farm animals.  He grew up eating handmade, quality food, and can appreciate the difference when a meal is made with love.  His parents operated a restaurant/bar and he was exposed to the restaurant environment for most of his childhood.   

His love for traveling and experiencing different cultures and foods fueled a passion for discovering the "best bites" in town.  Living in Chicago for 15 years before moving to Asheville, Luke was exposed to delicious foods from all over the world.  His joke with his wife is that if he had to choose only one ethnicity of food to eat for the rest of his life, it would be Mexican food.  Luke is thrilled to be a part of bringing Polanco to the already rich culture of Asheville.

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Mike Romero

Mike is a seasoned real estate entrepreneur who has spent the past 10 years deep in the Asheville real estate market.  His latest project, Southcliff, a 400 acre community just 7 miles outside downtown Asheville is one of the top selling master planned communities in WNC.  Overseeing sales, marketing and project management of this community has allowed him to utilize his skills in people management, digital marketing and market insight to drive this community to be one of the top selling developments in the area.

Mike is no stranger to the hospitality industry.  In his early 20's he was involved with some of the top night clubs in South Beach, which gave him the bug for the service industry.  Mike quickly transitioned to managing restaurants in both Miami and Boston for over a decade.  His passion for service and his drive for perfection combined with his attention to detail has made him an asset as an investor and adviser to the Polanco team.