—  all new vegan and vegetarian menu  —

We appreciate differences in dietary needs and preferences.  this menu was created to make it easy to select meat free dishes. 



A taste of Mexico  - please let your server know if you prefer vegan or dairy for cheese options

Pico de Gallo, Trio of Salsas and Bottomless Chips
chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, serrano peppers, salt, lime with fresh chips.  Peanut salsa, guajillo salsa and avocado salsa $5  

—  Street Corn on the Cob
traditional Mexican street corn, grilled smoked corn cob served with vegan chipotle aioli, chili flakes $9  

Empanadas (2)  —
stuffed masa pastry, fried, filled with vegan queso (mixed cheese from potato scratch and tofu), with a side of huitlacoche (mushroom of corn), cooked with capellini mushroom and garlic, flor de calabaza (flower of pumpkin), tomato and squash $9

—  Guacamole Artisanal
smashed avocados, chopped onion, cilantro, cracked sea salt, served with fresh chips - serrano peppers optional $9

Taquitos Dorados
crispy fried tacos, served on a bed of chopped lettuce, diced tomatoes, onions, crumbled vegan mozzarella and tofu cream $9

—  Mexican Zucchini Boats
baked, tomato and onion salsa, parmesan or vegan cheese $9

—  Hashbrown Patties
topped with cheddar vegan cheese and chipotle veganaise $9

—  Deep Fried Cauliflower  —
beer battered cauliflower, served with vegan chipotle aioli* on a bed of Pico de Gallo $9

—  Tamales (2)  —
Ask your server for daily specials $9

—  soups and salads  —

—  Ensalada de la Tierra  —
Grilled chayote squash and beets on a bed of spring mix, topped with vegan cheese and almonds, citrus vinaigrette - $11  

—  Ensalada de Aguacate —
Romaine lettuce and spring mix with avocado, fresh tomato, onion and cilantro, green olives, hash brown balls and vegan shredded cheese $9 

—  Cream de Maiz y Calabaza  —
Vegan cream of corn soup with Mexican zucchini.  Special for cold weather.  Ask your server for daily specials, vegetables may vary $7


—  main dishes  —

—  Mole Rojo  —
No Evil Foods Plant Meat No Chicken bathed in our special house made mole, made with over 32 ingredients including chili powder and cacao, which counteract the heat without being too overpowering.  Side of rice and vegetables - $25  

—  Chile en Nogada  —
Hollowed out poblano pepper stuffed with chickpea vegetable protein cooked with apples, pears, peaches, parsley, tomato and cinnamon and topped with a V cream made of nutmeg, pine nuts, almonds and topped with pomegranate seeds.  Side of rice and vegetables - $20  

—  Enchiladas Suizas —
Refried beans with olive oil, caramelized onions and morita chile, vegetables wrapped in tortillas, simmered in green tomatillo salsa, with melted vegan mozzarella cheese, side of rice $19 

—  Vegetable Fajitas   —
Portobello mushroom and seasonal vegetables served on a hot skillet, topped with a vegan empanada, side of rice, beans, and tortillas  $15 half order/$20 full order

Tostadas de Chorizo (2)  —
Baked, crunchy tortillas with beans, vegan chorizo, pico de gallo, avocado, and vegan cream - $9  

—  Chilaquiles, The Father of Nachos —
Fried tortillas bathed in salsa until tender on a bed of refried beans, garnished with onion, cilantro, avocado, and sour V cream, topped with veggies $9 

—  Torta Portobello  —
Portobello balsamic mushroom with seasonal veggies, avocado, and vegan cheese, side of rosemary potatoes - $9.99 lunch/$15 dinner

—  Mexican Bowl  —
Your choice of any of the taco options in a bowl with cilantro rice, refried beans, cheese, pico de gallo, V cream and avocado  $9.99 lunch/ $15 dinner

—  Tacos  —

Lunch - choose 2 $9.99, Dinner - choose 3 $15, served with a side of rice and beans

—  Spanish Garlic Mushroom —
spicy garlic mushrooms, including huitlacoche, rosemary, chile de arbol, garlic

—  Poblano
smart butter, garlic, V cream, poblano peppers, corn

—  Deep Fried Cauliflower  —
Fried cauliflower with a bed of pico de gallo, topped with chipotle aioli

—  Chorizo  —
No Evil Foods plant meat chorizo, topped with fresh pico de gallo

—  Mole  —
No Evil Foods Plant Meat No Chicken bathed in our special house made mole, with over 32 ingredients including chili peppers and cacao

—  Beer Battered Cauliflower  —
Fried cauliflower with a bed of pico de gallo, topped with chipotle aioli*